Monday, September 3, 2018

The Gift of Life - Water (a poem)

You woke up in bed
in a cozy, warm home.
A new day ahead,
with time to roam.
A nice glass of water
to start the day.
Had more than a quarter,
plenteous to pay.
You take it for granted,
the water keeps flowing.
No seeds to be planted,
life’s pretty easygoing.

But did you really know
that isn’t always the way?

There’re people who exist,
you may not know.
Who need your assist,
who need to grow.
They toil long hours,
they fight to survive.
Not a lot of showers,
at max, only five.
They aren't as lucky,
barely any free time.
They've had it roughly,
but they've done no crime.

So, isn't it only fair
to help those in despair?
Isn't it only fair
to do something other than stare?
Isn't it only fair
to at least be aware?
Isn't it only fair
to do your share?

The Gift of Life - Water by Afzaa Rahman


This poem was written in hopes of spreading the word about the Water Wells and Pumps fundraiser the 99 Orphans team is working on. If you want to support the cause and help quench the thirst of people around the globe, please donate today!