Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bake Sale Day!

Nearly two hours until our first bake sale, our first official event, and all the members are anxiously waiting and preparing.  For weeks, all the members have pitched in to organize and prepare for the bake sale. 

The events committee members worked to manage the food and the jobs of each member during the bake sale, forming numerous lists and spreadsheets and calling up people to request people to cook.  The gratitude committee members have worked equally hard, making many flowers and cards to give out as thank-yous to the donors at the bake sale.  The advertising committee members have contacted people in Delaware to attend our event.  The research committee members have searched online resources to find out more information about orphans around the world.

The bake sale today will have lots of exciting foods, insha Allah, in addition to football player paper crafts and new books made by students in the ZF Spring Writing Workshop.

If you don't live in Delaware and won't be able to attend the bake sale, don't worry.  We'll have live updates from the bake sale on Facebook, so keep checking to see what's going on!

We're all very excited for the bake sale and can't wait for it to get started.  See you at the ZF Center!

~ Nur Iffet Kose
DE Team

Monday, April 29, 2013

Yum!!! Bake Sale!

Come to our bake sale tomorrow! :)

On Tuesday, April 30 (6:30-8:30pm) there is going to be a bake sale. Yum!! The location is the Zakat Foundation DE Community Center: 21 Prestbury Square Newark, DE.

There won't just be brownies, cakes, cupcakes and other desserts. There will also be chicken, pastries, bread, biryani, and many more exciting meals!

All the money raised in this bake sale will be for orphans sponsored in the 99 Orphans project through Zakat Foundation of America. There are a lot of reasons why we are doing this.

  • First, there are an estimated 210 million orphans worldwide.
  • Second of all, orphans that are not taken care of resort to crime.  Nearly 70% of unsponsored orphans become criminals.
  • 3rd thing is that each day 38,493 orphans become 18 and never get a family.
  • And much more!!
You can now see why these kids need our help!
It's just $360 for just one orphan so come on over, have some fun, and make a difference in orphans' lives.  And don't forget that you'll also get to meet the members of the DE 99 Orphans Team at the bake sale!

~ Merve
Writer, Gratitude Committee
DE Team 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Introduction Video


Watch our introduction video to learn more about our project and get inspired to donate! 

Why Should We Help Orphans

There are many reasons why we should all lend a hand to help orphans.We should help them because these people have no one.  They are often the most vulnerable to being brought up in lives of crime, sold off into slavery, or turned in soldiers.  These are babies, toddlers, and teenagers who for whatever reason are alone in this world.

Orphans, with no one connected to them by blood, or law, they move through their lives at the mercy of those presently in charge of them.  So everyone should at least try helping an orphan by donating money.  You are also getting good deeds. Not just that but you are helping so many people in this world!!!

~ Reahaam Almoraisi
Writer, Advertising Committee
DE Team

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Orphans and Counting!

Our treasurer recently announced to our group that we have $1800 (5 orphans), with a recent donation from AKWA (American Kotku Women Association) who sponsored one orphan!  We've been extremely grateful for the donations coming in from generous donors who care about the orphans around the world.

With our second official meeting behind us, we are looking forward to our upcoming bake sale and are making many preparations for the important day.  Events coordinator Reem has been calling up people who will cook and bake for the event and has listed the jobs of each member during the bake sale.  The gratitude committee members are working on cool thank-you gifts for all those who buy something from our bake sale.  Our technical officer Rumi is working on a flyer which will be posted soon, insha Allah.  Keep your April 30th free!

Don't forget that some of the members are creating the script for a rap video that will come up soon!

The communications officers are still working on finding a place for our May 18th family picnic, but we hope to make our reservations soon, insha Allah.

You might also have noticed that we have a brand new domain name for the site!  Visit www.99orphans.org from now on.

Last but definitely not least comes the most exciting news of the week.  We got pictures, names, and details of 20 of the orphans we will be sponsoring insha Allah.  The technical officer and treasurer will soon arrange for you to see the pictures of the orphans, too!

Don't forget to check out all the features of our website, including the Members page, Buy page, and Donate page!

~ Nur Kose
DE Team 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Great Beginning

Alhamdulillah, the 99 Orphans Project has seen a great beginning.  From the beginning of April, youth signed up to become members of the project, eagerly choosing roles and looking forward to raising money for orphans. 

On Friday, April 12th, the members had our first official meeting in which we discussed our goals for the project, got accustomed to our roles, and planned ideas to raise money.  There was a lot of collaboration and excitement as the 20+ members exchanged ideas and conversed about the potential of the project.

During the meeting, one of the important decisions we made was to raise money for 9 orphans in Syria and 10 orphans in each of the nine other countries ZF sponsors orphans. 

Over the week, we have accomplished a lot, alhamdulillah, starting an online email group to communicate easily and efficiently, creating this website, contacting various parks in Delaware to host our planned May 18th family picnic, writing out ideas for future events, preparing for the upcoming bake sale on April 30th, organizing our data in Google spreadsheets, and raising over $800 in less than a week!

All the members eagerly await our second official meeting tomorrow at the ZF DE Center, insha Allah.  I'm really excited to discuss with the other members what they've done over the week and what plans we have for the future.  Stay tuned to find out what new awesome updates we'll have after tomorrow's meeting, insha Allah!

~ Nur Kose