Monday, April 23, 2018

    Making The World A Better Place
                       By: Haleema Sadiya

This is what we do at the 99 orphans team. We make the world 
a better place especially for those in need. We cook meals, we have 
fundraisers, we tutor. We go out of our way everyday to think and 
care for those in need, those who are less fortunate than us, those
 who look up to us and smile and think  “Ah another person who came
 to support our cause”. Some people think that when we help people we
 think this: “Ah now since I’m here I’ll get volunteer hours which will look
 good on my college application. After all that's the only reason why I’m
 here”. But that's not what we actually think. We think that from the moment
 we walk out of the door with the noble cause in our mind, determination in
 our hearts and willing to go the extra miles to help humans in need, the 
world will be a better place than when we walked in. This is what we do 
at the 99 Orphans team, and we hope you will too.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

We can make a difference

       Family is a gift from God. Imagine your family was taken away from you. That is how orphans feel. If you were to lose your family it would make a big impact on your life, a person of any age would feel this way. Though we can't bring their family back, we can donate to make their lives a little more bearable. Help us, help the orphans!    

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Respect to Everyone

AssalamuAlaikum. My name is Towfiq Aziz. In our 99 Orphan Team, one of our themes is to give respect and dignity to others. Something most of us know is to respect our elders. But unfortunately today a lot of people don't respect their kids. Kids should get respect as well and so should parents. Not just the parents, but all elders, and everybody who lives. It is our 30 Human Rights.Everyone knows we as kids learn more from our elders by what they do, rather what they say.  Everybody has their struggles. So my humble request to everyone, please show respect and treat everyone with dignity. AssalamuAlaikum.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Award Ceremony


The Award Ceremony commemorating outstanding volunteers was very
motivating, with many 99 Orphans volunteers sharing stories and ayahs/surahs
from the Quran, and special guests like a Cary Council member and a
representative from Governor Roy Cooper’s administration speaking.
The speeches were all very inspiring to me. The most stirring one I heard
was Cary Council member Ken George’s speech about volunteerism, and
his time living in the Dominican Republic to help people there. I was also
inspired by all the dedicated volunteers who received the Presidential Award
to volunteer more often and become more passionate about helping people
in need. The amount of time and effort they put into helping others to earn
that was amazing. Great job to every single member of the 99 Orphans team.
Even a tiny contribution makes a lot of difference to the orphans around the
world. Keep up the awesome work!

You don't have to be an adult to help


My name is Asiya Ahmed and as a member of the 99 orphans team, I love helping out, whether it's a minor role or a major role. I can do so many things to help an orphan, even if I'm only 10 years old. Remember, you don't need to be married with children to donate. You probably have loose change on you - and even if you don't, you can ask your parents if you can borrow money.
But every penny counts. When you have a $10 bill and you use it to buy something that's $4.99, you're going to get change back. If you don't know what to do with it, donate to the orphans! If you keep doing this you'll have 100 pennies - or a dollar - enough money to buy cheap socks at a store. See, even your smallest acts can help an orphan through this chilly season.
So whether you're an adult, a teenager, or a kid, you can make a young child who is suffering feel a little happier. All you need is encouragement and a couple of pennies.


Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Spring Fest

The Spring fest was the funnest event so in the year of 2018. We had things like food, drinks, and many activities for us children. We had things like playing on the Xbox, making cool toys called squishes, and decorating cupcakes. The food was great too! There were things like noodles, chicken tenders and some great homemade smoothies! And Lastly we help the orphans by using 1 dollar tickets to use the stations or buy the delectable food. All of the proceeds would go towards helping the orphans that we are trying to sponsor. The Prophet(PBUH)said "The best house among the Muslims is a house in which there is an orphan who is treated well. And the worst house among the Muslims is a house in which there is an orphan who is treated badly."

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Zakat: An Islamic Perspective on Giving

Assalamu Alaikum,

We are very excited to have a new facility in the Triangle. This new facility will help us organize more events and fundraisers for the community and will help us reach our goal in the future.

As we are approaching Ramadan, I would like to talk about the importance of Zakat. Zakat refers to the purification of a muslim's wealth and soul. It is one of the five pillars of Islam, which means that it is mandatory for muslims to follow. In Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 274, the Quran states "Those who give to charity night and day, secretly and publicly, receive their recompense from their Lord; they will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve." This means that Allah will repay our efforts of Zakat by protecting those who do Zakat. 

One of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SWS): "Do not withhold your money, (for if you did so) Allah would withold His blessings from you."

Lemonade Stand - by: Eesa R.

Service to Others

While there are many great hadiths about helping others, I would like to share a quote from a Muslim who died only two years ago, Muhammad Ali:
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth."
You can pray and fast as much as you want, but helping others is also a form of worship. If you live your whole life in a selfish bubble, then there is barely a point to it at all. We all like to have fun, acquire money, enjoy material things, and participate in other human activities, but no one should occupy this earth without "paying rent" by helping their fellow human beings who may not be as fortunate. 
How do we begin to create a life of service that will give our lives meaning and touch the lives of the ones in need? The first step is to turn our good thoughts and intentions into actions, and then the rest will follow. 

Spring Fest

The spring fest was a blast and was lots of fun. It was a very successful gathering and we made lots of money to help the orphans. All of the stands were great and all the people that came had loads of fun. The stand that I was part of wasn't as successful as we thought it would be. We thought that doing the things that we like to do would attract others to come to the stand. But next time we should be more considerate on what others like and not just the things that we like. Next time we will focus on something that all ages would like and come to.

Helping others

Assalamualaikum My name is Haleema Sadiya. What is helping others? Is it donating money for an orphan? Is it hosting a fundraiser for the needy? In my opinion it is doing what you can for another person without asking for anything in return. This is what we do at the 99 orphans team. We do fundraisers, ask for donations, cook meals, but we never ask for anything in return. The smile on the persons face or the fact that we helped another person is enough reward for us. So take my advice and help others and you will get a reward without asking for it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Orphans in NC by Hasan Khan

If a person sees a small, thin child on the side of the street, they might think "Oh my god! There is a poor hungry child on the side of the street!", or "eh, that child is not my problem", and then they will just walk right on.This is wrong! These orphans need our attention, especially the attention of those who are fortunate enough to have the basic necessities. According to, there are more than 10,000 orphans in North Carolina. This is the same state that we are living in right now, and many people here consider orphans to be a minor issue.  This means that our duty is not done, and we have to continue to help these children in every way possible. Some ways to help these children, are to raise funds for orphans, and/or distribute food and clothing to the area that these kids are living in. We can also adopt some of the orphans, or build orphanages for these poor young children.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Poverty in NC

Imagine a starving child, on the side of the road, begging for food, shivering due to the frigid temperature. You may think this is the story of someone in a third world country, but it is actually happening right here in North Carolina. This is the reality for thousands of children and their parents in the state. According to, here in Wake County, there are approximately 3,000 students that have experienced homelessness, and about 1 in every 30 kids in Wake County will experience homelessness. Each night, there are about 15,000 people living on the streets in North Carolina, a place where you would expect homelessness to not be an issue. There are many ways in which we can help to eradicate this issue that nobody should have to deal with. We can raise awareness about this issue by spreading the word to our friends and family and also by blogging about it on the internet to reach an even wider audience. Many people are in the dark about how many people are suffering from homelessness in a place like North Carolina, where they expect everyone to be living normal lives. By raising our voices, we can educate others and get more people to join the cause and help solve this issue. Another thing we can do is donate money to or volunteer for groups that specialize in helping homeless people. I hope this has inspired you to donate some of your time towards a worthy cause that needs all the help it can get.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Squishy table!

Salam! My name is Meryem. On March 18 we had a spring fest. My friends, and I had a table, where we taught people how to make their own squishes! But before the event, we had to prepare for it.We made a huge poster, we spent a lot of time on it. I cut out 50 shapes, 25 donuts, and 25 circles. We got different colors of paints, and other supplies, such as bowls, and gloves. When we arrived there, we set up our table and made it look nice. We had a box for the tickets we got. Every squishy, was 5 tickets. So many people came and they all had so much fun. Our table was super busy throughout the whole event! We all enjoyed it so much, and I was so happy that we were able to raise $225 for the orphans!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring Fest: ๐ŸนSmoothie Table ๐Ÿน

Alhamdullilah last Sunday the 99 Orphan team had a successful Spring Fest at Apex Masjid which pooled in over Five Thousand dollars. One of the booths, The Smoothie table, was a hit and raised almost $300 (which is half of how much it takes to sponsor an orphan ๐Ÿ˜Š) and sold approximately 150 cups of two flavors: Magnificent Mango and Triple Berry. Everyone on the team worked together and made fresh smoothies-to-order for our customers. We want to thank all of you for taking the time out of your day to come to support our cause and our effort.

Smoothie Table Team
Tawfiq, Aadil, Maaz, Abyan, Hasan and Nihal

The History of Henna

The History of Henna

          As you might already know, our 99 orphans team held a spring fest not too long ago. We had many stations, of which included a henna table. We have all seen henna on someone's hand (or on your own) at some point and thought, wow that's pretty! But have we ever wondered about the history behind this beautiful tradition? Well, there's actually a pretty interesting story behind the origin of this art.

          Henna (also known as Mehndi) is a plant which grows in the tropical climates of Africa, northern Australia, and southern Asia. Since it contains a pigment that causes its staining quality, it's used for dying hair and body art designs.

          The art of henna designs go back to 5000 years ago in Pakistan, India, Africa, and the Southeast, but there's records of it even going back to 9000 years ago! It all started when people found out about the cooling properties of this plant that would cool the body when it was applied. Because of this, in hot places, people smeared it all over themselves to keep cool. Then, instead of just spreading it on themselves, they'd make it into intricate, beautiful designs, which soon became to have more meaningfulness.

         Henna is traditionally used for special occasions like holidays, birthdays and weddings in Africa, Pakistan, India, and the Middle East. It was also proven to have some medical benefits, too. Henna is considered an herb, and has long been known to have healing qualities. In ancient times it has been used for headaches, stomach pains, burns (including sunburns), open wounds, as a fever reducer, athlete's foot and even the prevention of hair loss. It is also a sunblock and has been used on the noses of animals to prevent them from getting sunburnt.

Now that you know about the story of henna, spread it around and share this with someone else!


Saturday, March 17, 2018


  1. Can you imagine how it feels when your stomach is growling and you don’t have anything to eat? Fasting in Ramadan is supposed to make us sympathize with those who are suffering from hunger every day, and make us want to alleviate their pain. That is the life of 22.6% of children in North Carolina, who live in households with “food insecurity”. This is the term for households experiencing limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods. That’s almost 1 in every 4 kids in our state starving. This is simply unacceptable and must change. According to statistics, North Carolina is the 8th hungriest state in the US. Instead of taking our blessings for granted, we should reflect on what we are doing to help our fellow countrymen and women. In the Quran (76:8-9), Allah says “The righteous are those who feed the poor, the orphan, and the captive for the love of God, saying “We feed you for the sake of God alone, we seek from you neither reward nor thanks.”Even if we can’t dedicate a lot of time and energy to helping these unfortunate people out, we can at least donate a little food or money to them for the sake of Allah. As Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”
  2. Reminder: Please come to the 99 Orphans Spring Fest tomorrow, and spread the word to your friends and family. It will be at Apex Mosque from 3-6 PM. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Help the orphans

       Losing one’s birth family and being placed in an orphanage, regardless of the age it occurs, it is a traumatic experience. Can you imagine being an orphan? Helpless and alone. Well, there are thousands of orphans who don't have anything. Barely clothed children from all over the world suffer every day. If we can help these orphans just the slightest bit that might make all the difference. Help the orphans today! And, maybe you will make the difference, maybe you can make an orphan smile, and brighten up his/her world.

                                                          Thank you

Henna Table ~ Spring Fest on March 18!!

Looking for something fun and exciting to do on the weekend? The Spring Fest is almost here! From drinking delicious smoothies to getting your henna done, this is the perfect opportunity for you to have fun with your family and friends.

Come to the Apex Mosque from 3-6 this Sunday to get any of the following beautiful designs:

They cost only 5 tickets!!

By purchasing tickets online early you will get 15 tickets for the price of 10. What are you waiting for? The deadline for early tickets has been extended all the way to this Friday, so hurry up and buy your tickets now! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the henna table this Sunday!!
Eventbrite link:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Homeless people in North Carolina: Who Are They and How Many Are There?

AssalamuAlaikum. My name is Towfiq Aziz and I'm going to be talking about homelessness in and around North Carolina, who they are and how many there are. Many homeless people start out with jobs and stable residences,but then social and economic factors intervene, causing a rapid change in their living situation. according to last year, there were 884 homeless people in Wake County and even more homeless veterans in NC, a rise from 2016-2017 888 to 931 veterans.Data from 2014 in NC, According to the NCCEH data, "Children make up 22% of North Carolina’s homeless population and another 13% are their parents. Single men make up nearly half of the homeless population (47%) while single women are 17%. Statewide, veterans are 10% of the homeless population." In Wake County, there are 1,170 homeless people, which is 0.12% of the population in that county. While Durham County has 758 homeless people which is 0.26% of the population in that county. And Orange County has 108 homeless people which is 0.08% of the population in that county. We need to figure out how to help them. I hope and pray that this has inspired you to at least make Dua and donate some money to homeless people in and around NC, or anywhere! Allah (SWT) is going to help us if we try InshaAllah. AssalamuAlaikum.

The Government Isn't Doing Enough to Help These Syrian Refugee Orphans

These days in the news there is a lot of press and attention gravitating towards lots of war-torn Middle Eastern countries like Syria. We see pictures of kids with dirty and ripped clothes, families with nothing to eat but scraps and leftovers, and houses destroyed by the war. Many of these families know that they don't have a future in the country, so they flee and try to seek refuge in other countries, some countries are happy to home them and take care of them but many also shy away from the opportunity to save these peoples lives. This is not the case for kids who have lost both their parents in the war, they are lonely, homeless, and starving. America has taken in 17,000 refugee families but of those 17,000 families, only one has been an unaccompanied minor. This is a very big problem. The government makes it seem like people aren't ready or are scared to house a refugee from a middle eastern country but is absolutely false. Countless Americans from all over the country reached out to the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service begging if they could adopt or foster an orphan in need of a family from Syria. Although the US has an Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program which started after the Vietnam War, they have only accepted 13,000 minors since then and only take in 200 minors a year. This program has lots of potential because they fully support the kids they educate them and help them understand the culture, but is this really the best we can do. In conclusion all though we have the ability to fully support these refugee orphans we don't. We are waiting on people in the government who see the pictures and videos of these kids and families suffering and aren't using their full potential or ability to help the kids.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Come get a smoothie at the Spring Fest!

Do you want a delicious, ice cold smoothie? 

Assalamualaikum, I am Nasi Rahman. If you do want a smoothie while playing games and spending time with your friends and family then come on down to the Spring Fest. For the smoothie table we will have two smoothie flavors, the Magnificent Mango and the Triangle Triple Berry Smoothie. We will give out a a free smoothie to the first 3 customers, so come quick to get our refreshing smoothie for free. We wil be selling our smoothie in quantaties of 8oz. If you come out and buy a smoothie it is a win-win. You get to enjoy a smoothie and all the money raised is donated to the orphans. Thank you and I hope to see YOU at our smoothie table! For more information: Spring Fest Information

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hunger in NC

Hunger in NC

Kids everywhere suffer from a lack of food. In North Carolina, almost 1 in 4 children starve. NC is one of the top ten states with the highest percentages of citizens experiencing food shortages, with over 1,764,000 suffering. Greensboro, HighPoint, and Winston-Salem have the highest levels of food insecurities in the US. However, fortunate citizens fight to lower these numbers and about 160,000 people receive emergency food assistance. But even these families don't know when their next meal will be or where it'll be from. Food pantries struggle to gain enough food to support families and often have to turn hungry people away. More than a million people have to choose between paying for food or paying for living expenses like health care, medicine, heat, or homes. These people who struggle day in and day out aren't strangers either. An estimated 22% of them used to serve in the military and about 6% are currently serving. They are protecting us and in return we let them starve. Before we take advantage of how blessed we are, we should take a moment to step back and observe the horrible conditions our neighbors and friends are subjected to. How hard would it be to spare some money or food? Any small amount of help may seem insignificant to us but for them, it could be the difference between life and death.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Foster Kids in North Carolina: Who are they? How many are there?

AssalamuAlaikum, my name is Towfiq Aziz. Today I'm going to talk about foster kids in NC, who are they, and how many there are. So first of all, who are foster kids? They are kids between the age of  2 months old babies to 21 year old grown adults. They are kids who have been abused, neglected, medically neglected, incarcerated, abandoned, truancy, whose parents have died, voluntarily placed, juvenile offender, or are runaways. How many are there though in North Carolina? There are over 11,000 foster kids just in NC. In Wake County there are almost 700 foster kids, for absolute numbers, it is 687 foster kids. What are ways to help? Well, there are lots of ways, but the main way is by making Dua. Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with great living circumstances with our family. There are also other ways like adopting a foster kid or donating money to them. InshaAllah, this has inspired all of us to at least make Dua. Don't forget to share this and spread the word, AssalamuAlaikum.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The 99 Orphans program is one of the greatest programs that I have had the pleasure to be involved in. Since I have joined this team last fall, I have been able to positively impact my community in so many different ways. I was able to help out in the game/ family night fundraisers we held, help make food to raise money for different kids, and overall develop crucial leadership skills that can help me in my everyday life. From the day I went to the Award ceremony last season and watched all these kids coming up and describing their experiences, I knew I wanted to get involved in this program in some way, shape, or form. At that Awards ceremony, the impact this foundation had on the surrounding community became apparent, as even kids who this program was created for talked about the great opportunities this program gave them.

Ali Ahmed

Why I Joined the 99 Orphans Team

AssalamuAlaikum. My name is Towfiq Aziz and I am a new member of the 99 Orphan Team. I joined because I was inspired by 3 things. First, the trophy ceremony back in 2017. I feel like it would be an honor to help the needy. Secondly, I always ask myself, "What if I was the orphan in this situation? How would I feel if I had no parents and no money to help myself?". Finally, my last inspiration was from the Quran. From Juz number 30, Surah number 89, Surah Al-Fajr, verse 17 and 18. Allah (SWT) says (17)"No! But you do not honor the orphan,"(18)"And do not encourage one another to feed the needy." I feel like if I don't help, there will surely be a punishment since I know the current situation. That goes for anyone else who knows the current  situation too. You can help too if you are not already by donating even a dollar, even a penny to the needy! We all can help by making a simple Dua to help the needy! I hope I inspired somebody by reading this. AssalamuAlaikum.

Giving Back

Giving Back
By Nadya Mehasanewala

Everyday, millions of lives are lost
But it's the family and friends that pay the cost
Especially the children of those who are gone
Have to suffer the pain from dusk till dawn

But at night is the time where conditions are the worst
And they have to bear the feeling of hunger and thirst
While we're in our homes, safe and sound
We don't stop and think about those around

What this world is becoming is quite insane
Where everywhere we look, there is hunger and pain
But we can change this world by giving back
To those with experiences that luckily we lack

Donating $2 helps an orphan for a day
Keeping poverty and hunger for that orphan away
It's the little things we do that make a big change
Causing people's lives to rearrange

So donate to help an orphan out
And see what giving back is all about

How I'm Helping Out the Team

Assalam Alaikum,
My name is Asiya Ahmed and I am a member of the 99 orphans team. My sister's friend told her about the team and on the first meeting she went to, I decided to come along. At first I had no idea what the purpose or meaning of this program was, or what events they were planning. When they went around the room asking for ideas of a money-raising event, my friends had suggestions like a "bake sale" or a "lemonade stand". I had nothing, though, so we moved on. Soon I started brainstorming, and learned that even if the ideas aren't my own, I can still help out by helping, for example at the ice cream social: I helped clean up, I helped by buying food (:-p), I helped my friends chop strawberries - and even though we could be sitting and watching TV or playing games with friends every Sunday, I think it's great that we are all gathered here, getting volunteering hours and helping out.

What is 99 Orphans All About!

Salaams, my name is Zain and this is my second year working with the 99 orphans program. I enjoy helping make a positive impact on the community around me, so when I heard about this team and their mission, I couldn't say no. It is statistically evident that in North Carolina, specifically Wake County, the number of orphans and foster children continue to grow at a steady pace. To help make an impact in this area, we as a team conducted numerous clothing drives in order to collect all types of clothing for foster children in Wake County. For the orphans, our team conducted numerous charitable events including tea parties and and iftaars in the past. In 2017 we were able to reach our goal of 99 sponsoring 99 orphans and we hope to accomplish the same in 2018. To get things going, our team decided to host a 99 orphans spring fest through which we would be able to gain funds to support orphans across the globe. The event would attract many muslims in the community through the great variety of food as well as the many different activities for the children. I'm very excited for the event and I believe this will help us raise enough funds for a handful of orphans. Can't wait to see all of you guys there!

Join Us At Spring Fest

Salam, my name is Radeyah and i joined 99 orphans team last year. It has been an overwhelming and exciting experience and we were able to reach our target. I can't wait for this year to kick off !  Our first fundraiser for this year will be our spring fest on March 18th at Apex Mosque. We are actively planning fun activities and are looking forward to seeing you all at the fest. Your participation means a lot, it not only gives gives you an opportunity to have fun but also be able to change someone's life. All the money that is raised will go towards sponsoring orphans. It takes $600 a year to sponsor an orphan, please participate and donate and be part of our team. 

Why be a Part of the 99 Orphans Project?


My name is Furkan.  I am a 17 year old senior in high school and I have been part of the 99-orphans team since it was founded four years ago in Delaware in 2014.  There are several reasons why I have been and continue to have an active role on this team.  First of all, a critical part of my religion is to help those less fortunate than myself, namely orphans.  There are countless hadiths and ayahs about the immense rewards of helping orphans.  Secondly out of all the extracurricular and volunteering I have done in high school none have had as much of an impact as this project.  Few endeavors beat changing the life of orphans by just spending a few hours of my free time each week.  Lastly, as a Muslim American I feel I have a responsibility to paint Islam in a positive light and make a difference in my local community.  A big part of the 99 orphans project is helping foster kids right here in NC and that is definitely something I love doing.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

No Place To Call Home

No Place To Call Home
By: Fatima Feisal

Millions of kids are homeless worldwide
Shivering in the cruel, dark outside
no blankets or heat
hearts struggling to beat
eyes swollen from tears they've cried

We curl up in comfy, warm beds
clothes from our toes to our heads
someone to hug and kiss
the epitome of bliss
Ignoring the kids whose lives are in shreds

People suffer while we laugh and enjoy
surrounded by gifts and a surplus of toys
why not donate and give
to help someone live
provide a home to orphaned girls and boys


Assalamo Alaikum, my name is Ayesha Feisal. Did you know it is estimated that 140 million children are orphans? Well, it's a true fact. You can help all those orphans live a happy life. By even donating 1 dollar could make a difference. You can help these orphans today! 

                                                                      Thank you

Foster Parent Exposition

Foster Parent Expo at the Wake County Orphan & Foster Kid Centre

Assalamualykum my name is Khizr Kazmi, and I have been a member of the 99 Orphans
team for a very long time and have been going to many of the team events. Recently I volunteered at the Foster Kid expo, where parents who have adopted a foster kid, and their friends were invited to learn about existing foster kids available for adoption. They also had vending tables for foster parents businesses, this helped the publicity and popularity of businesses ran by foster parents. Overall this was a successful event, so much that Channel 5 news came to this event, and was sponsored by Panera Bread. At this event we distributed lunch to foster parents, this gave us the opportunity to meet new people, and we gave them free lunch, as it would for everyone, it made them happy

Monday, February 26, 2018

Sponsoring Orphans

Assalam walaikum. My name is Mariam, and I joined 99 Orphans team somewhere around the middle of last year. According to some estimates, 42,000 children are orphaned per day. Especially parts of the world riddled by poverty, wars, disease, and disasters leave scores of kids without parents. Anyone who has what they don’t should recognizes our responsibility to the orphan children of the world. The 99 Orphans team does exactly that. The team is impressive, especially in how they plan and execute events, fitting as many as possible into one year. The goal is to sponsor 99 orphans each year, to raise $600 for each orphan. Sponsoring an orphan is one of the best ways to help them if adoption/fostering is not an option; child sponsorships mostly include things like food, medical care, shelter, and school fees. The school fees are very important, because getting orphans into some sort of education is important, so at the very least they should learn an art or skill in order to be self-sufficient. Sponsoring an orphan can completely transform their life, and is the most efficient way to help them.

Spring Fest

Assalamu Alaikum, I am Fatima Feisal and I've been a member of 99 Orphans for 2 years. On March 18th, we are hosting a Spring Fest in the afternoon to raise money to help and sustain numerous orphans, hence the name of our organization. Come enjoy a variety of events and activities, like henna, cupcake decorating, and much more. I will be working the cupcake table so please come express your creativity with icing and sprinkles! Support our organization by having fun at our event and I hope to see you there!
Cupcake With Teal Icing and Sprinkles

What are you doing on March 18th?

Assalam o alaikum. My name is Maaz Kazmi and I am part of the 99 Orphans project team. This year, we have planned Spring Festival on March 18th at the Apex Mosque from 3 to 7 pm.It would be a big help to orphans if you join us at the spring festival. We will have smoothies,  squishies and so much more. There will be fun activities for all ages and there will also be yummy food  too. Thank you for reading and please remember that your contribution can help save an orphan’s life. I look forward to see you there!

What We Do! By: Eesa Rashid

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Plight of the Syrian Orphans

Assalamualaikum. My name is Zaina Taha and I am a member of the 99 Orphans Team. I read the book Refugee by Alan Gratz - now my favourite book - which describes the sad story of a Syrian refugee, Mahmoud. This got me really interested in the Syrian conflict and I researched about it. I feel terrible for the countless children who have lost one or both parents, so I decided to do my blog about it. In Syria, a lot of kids are becoming  orphans because of the devastation caused by the war. Six million people have left their homes to find safety elsewhere in Syria. The children cannot go to school anymore because either the schools have been destroyed or they lack education personnel. Their houses are destroyed and a lot of them have to live in camps in deplorable conditions. They don’t get to eat much because of the food scarcity. Chronic malnutrition makes them fragile and susceptible to a variety of diseases and illnesses. We should pray and donate to help these and other orphans around the world who are facing extremely difficult circumstances. May Allah make it easy for them and accept our efforts. Jazakallah Khairun.

My Goal

Assalamualykum my name is Aurindom and I have been a 99 orphans member for two years now but last year I wasn't as active as a could have been so during the end of the year I started to come to the Sunday meetings and going to the events, but that's not enough. So this year I plan on volunteering during every event possible, inshaAllah.

Praying Together

Assalamualikum my name is Aupurbo. Someone once told me a hadith that if you prayed alone you earned 10 hasanat, but if you prayed together you earn 270 hasanat so praying together is better.

Aadil Mehasanewala

     ASAK, my name is Aadil Mehasanewala, I am new this year to the 99 orphans team. I hope to learn and achieve various goals throughout this process. I love the work that is being done to help orphans as it is sunnah and our beloved prophet (PBUH) was an orphan himself. For many years I have been involved in various community activities but none like this. To give care and support to orphans is an amazing thing to do. I wish to work with our team to make a better example of who muslims are. When people see the work that we do, their perspective will hopefully change. I am grateful for this opportunity.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Anzar's Very Own Thought about Orphan99

Assalamualaikum. My name is Anzar. I am 5 years old and I go to Yellow Bears and I am the part of Orphan 99. People who done have mommy or daddy he will be sad and if I give them money they will be very very very very very happy.If I Have money I can give them some books and toys. By selling some cokieeees... 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Ronald McDonald House

Assalamualaikum, My name is Afif Rahman and I am a member of the 99Orphans. Our goal is to provide 99 orphans with good food, clean clothes, shelter, and education by organizing fundraisers. In addition to fundraisers, we also help those who are in need. One of the events that we have volunteered is at the Ronald McDonald House. Our goal is to cook delicious meals to comfort families residing there who have sick children in the hospital. This helps families who are away from their home by supporting them during their hard times.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Greek Cuisine Night

Hello. My name is Yusuf, and I have been working with the team for quite a while now. Recently, we had our long-anticipated Greek cuisine night! The owners, who generously allow us to use their restaurant for our meetings, collaborated with us for a fundraiser. The food was spectacular - the gyros, in particular, were incredibly well done. I got to spend time with many friends and family while knowing that the proceeds would help orphans around the world. It was a fantastic time!

Why we should help Orphans

             Assalamualaikum, my name is Rohaan Mahmood. I have recently joined the 99 Orphans Team. Everyday around the world there is a child aching for help. It hurts to see orphans all alone and this why I want to help them. Without the help of ours, these orphans would die and would not be able to survive on their own. We can plan events to raise money for orphans to make sure they have all their necessities such as clothes, food, and shelter. There is a purpose for these orphans being on Earth and we can accomplish this purpose by working together.

Who are orphans?

Assalamualaikum My name is Shahzayb Rashid and I have been part of the 99 orphans team for a while and I want to explain why I am part of the 99 orphans team and who orphans are. Who are orphans? Orphans are kids that don't have a parent or guardian to care for them. These kids have no place to go so they stay in shelters. We help these orphans so they feel like there is help for them. The 99 orphans team raises money for the orphans by doing different events and fundraisers. We don't only look out for the orphans in other countries but we also help out the foster kids in our area. The last event that we had we gave some of the clothing that we received to the foster care center of wake county.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Supporting Orphans, Great Form of Charity!

Assalamualykum, my name Iman Mahmood. I have recently joined the 99 Orphans Team. Charity is preached in every religion and it is the way of bringing equity to the society. Islam has made charity 
voluntary that is binding us all in one who can embrace the faith. Charity is considered a Sunnah in Islam, which was preached and taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) values those who have looked after an orphan. There is a Hadith quoted from Sahih al- Bukhari, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,"The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this," and he held his two fingers together to illustrate it. This gives many Muslims the opportunity to support and care, till this day many orphans around the world are being sponsored and supported by different families and individuals. Sacrificing needs no matter how small it is, for the sake of helping them in need is a tremendous amount of blessings. According to the Qur'an, (Al-Qur'an Al-Baqarah 2.110): "And establish prayer and giving charity, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves - you will find it with Allah (SWT). Indeed, Allah (SWT) of what you do is seeing." Many people have done righteous, moral actions such as giving charity and helping people out. For example, Abdul Sattar Edhi was a famous philanthropist who runs the most extensive ambulance network and runs many homeless shelters and orphanages in Pakistan. May Allah (SWT) give us all the opportunity to follow our beloved Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Sunnah. Alhamdulillah! I am very grateful that this organization is giving me the opportunity. 

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Greek Cuisine Family Dinner

Assalamualykum, My name is Yusuf. I have been a member of the 99 Orphans team for a very long time and have been going to many of the teams events. Last Friday, February 16, we had a family dinner at Greek Cuisine. This was a great event where many families came and ordered halal food from the restaurant. What made the food even better was that a percentage of the money spent was given towards the 99 Orphans Project. Alhamdulliah, we made $170 which completed our 23 orphan. I look forward to participating to raising more money for this amazing cause. 

Why I volunteer for 99 Orphans!

Assalamualykum I am Sherjeel Rashid. I have been volunteering for 99 Orphans for about 5-6 months now. In the beginning, I used to just volunteer with no meaning just to get as many hours as I could for school. This was not the right approach because in my head I would be showing up to meetings and events, not interacting with people and would be bored most of the time. My mom had to drag me to these meetings and events, then one day she had enough of me, sat me down and we talked. She told me the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said he who takes care of orphans will be very very close to me in the afterlife. Then went on to say Alhumdulilah our family is well off but many other people in the world don't have the leisure we do. This short talk touched me, it made me think. I thought about how I would feel if I didn't have parents, money, clothes, and even food. This left me shook. That day we had a event called the Ice cream Social where we were at the mosque setting up different stands for ice cream, sundaes, and milkshakes. I went into this event with and open mind and a full heart. When I walked in, I saw the smiles on everyones faces; people working for one goal, to make the customers happy and to raise money for the orphans. I could not help but feel joy when I saw how dedicated the parents were, and how kids of all ages were helping out. With all of this going on I made good conversation with many people and did not get bored for even a second. After this day I realized why people volunteer, seeing the joy and accomplishment in peoples faces after raising money for orphans who need books, food, shelter and clothing. Volunteering has made a huge impact on my life and how I view things, I hope it can do the same for many more people.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

How an Orphans life really is?

Most people when asked about an orphan either think about a kid without parents or something related to a movie. But there is way more to being an orphan. Kids wake up and there parents help them get ready for school but, for an orphan he has to learn to be self-dependent which could be a good thing except it could also mean that they are feel lonely and have difficulty trusting people. Also being an orphan traumatizes you for most of your life. Scientist have prove that orphans have good survival skills but that means that they don't have good family skills. That is why I want to help raise money for orphans so that they can have a better life.

Hadith about Orphans

My name is Aupurbo Jyoti. The prophet Muhammad ( SAW ) said once, if someone rubbed his or her
hand against a orphan's hair, the person would get 1 hasanat every single hair the orphan's head has.

My Favorite Event of 99 Orphans

My Favorite 99 Orphans Event

    Assalamualaikum, my name is Nabiha. I always enjoy the 99 orphan team's activities.  There have been many fun events in 2017 the ice cream social has still been my favorite event. It was very fun as my friend and I cut delicious strawberries for a topping on the ice cream. We also helped in making milkshakes and setting up. Even though doing all this was very fun it was tiring but I knew that this would help the orphans. This event was very fun and I am very happy that I contributed in helping the orphans.
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The importance of helping orphans

Asalamualaikum, my name is Hasan Khan. Helping people is always important, especially helping people in need. Orphans are people who need help. They have lost the love of their parents. Some orphans barely have enough food to live. Others are going through hardships and calamities that no one should go through. Alhamdulilah, I have my parents to depend on, but the orphans cannot depend on anyone. They cant depend on anyone for food, clean clothes, or other stuff that I can depend on my parents for. So I want to help these orphans have a life that I believe every person should have. That's why I joined the 99 Orphans group, and participate in raising money for the orphans.

Why Do I Help Orphans?

     Assalamualaikum, I am Nasi Rahman. Why do I want to help orphans when I already have my own parents? Why do I spend 2-4 hours a week helping orphans when I can play basketball? Why do I need to go out of my way to help orphans? I help orphans because I believe every child should have a happy childhood. They should be able to grow up in a loving and caring environment. Every child deserves education no matter what. Without education you cannot succeed in life. I have been in the 99 orphans program since 2017. I have deeply enjoyed helping others and thinking of creative activities we can do to raise more money and awareness of orphans in need. I have enjoyed many events through the 99 orphans program such as family nights, ice cream socials, and making squishies. I have enjoyed helping orphans and I hope you want to help us take care of orphans too!

By: Haleema Sadiya
Why am I here?

Assalam Alaikum. There are many reasons to this: Volunteering hours, getting out of the house, helping others, getting good deeds, meeting new people. These are all reasons why I’m here but one of the main reasons is: Empathy. Helping others. Helping others doesn't just make another person's day get better but it also has an effect on you. You get good deeds, you get that feeling “One more good deed accomplished today”! You become a better muslim.
These are all results of empathy. If you want to know how any of this has to do with our 99 Orphans project here are a few reasons. Empathy means helping others, we take others orphans. Empathy makes another person's day get better, we make orphans happier and healthier. Empathy puts that good mood effect on you, helping orphans does that to. Empathy makes you a better muslim and a better person, Our program does that to. These are all reasons why you should come here and: Why I’m here.
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99 Orphans Team Update from Zahi Shaikh

Assalamu’alaikum, my name is Zahi Shaikh! I have been in the 99 Orphans team since 2017. The team holds a variety of activities from a Spring Fest to Family Game Night. We need to raise money for 99 Orphans. To do this, when you come to these gathering's and donate to the 99 Orphans Team we become a step closer to housing 99 orphans. The Prophet (SAW) said, "And come not near to the orphan's property, except to improve it,' and 'Verily, those who unjustly eat up the property of orphans". This shows how much the Prophet (SAW) cared for orphans. In our last meeting, we had a gathering. Greek Cuisine sponsored this event. The way money was raised is that whenever someone bought food, part of the proceeds went towards helping the orphans. People could also voluntarily donate money.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Assalamu’alaikum, my name is Aadil Mohammed! I am a newcomer to 99 Orphans this year. The reason I joined 99 Orphans was because I wanted to make a difference in the community by helping kids who were less fortunate than me. After seeing the plight of refugees from other countries last year, I felt a nagging sense to do something to improve the lives of the poor and needy. I was really impressed by the work the 99 Orphans team did last year, and the events that they organized. Read this inspirational story below. It shows that even if we can’t help the whole world, we can at least make an impact by helping the few people we can.


  • Please come out and support foster children by buying lunch or dinner at Greek Cuisine
on February 16th. A portion of the proceeds will go to 99 Orphans. You can also donate items
like pajamas, blankets, and socks which will help foster children in the community.
  • 99 Orphans will be hosting a Spring Fest on Sunday, March 18 at Apex Mosque. It will
be from 3-6 pm, and will feature a wide array of fun stations with food and games. If you buy
tickets early, you will get 15 tickets for an entrance fee of $10. On the day of the event, only 10
tickets will be given for an entrance fee of $10, so get the Early Bird Special now! Tickets can be
used to buy food or play games, all while helping orphans!

Foster Parenting Expo

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Yesterday, we helped out at Foster Parenting Expo. The 2018 Foster Parent Business and Recruitment Expo was a great opportunity for everyone to learn about becoming a foster parent. We served lunch for foster parents and children, which was very fun. We packed up and handed out lunches for everyone, and put a smile on everyone’s faces. It was great meeting new people and lighting up their day!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Spring Fest! ๐Ÿ•๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿˆ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽช๐ŸŽˆ

Attention: The date has changed to the 18th from the 4th.

99 Orphans is hosting the Orphan Spring Fest on Sunday, March 18 at Apex Mosque. Buy food and participate in all sorts of activities for all age groups from making "squishes" to video game contests. All proceeds will go to the 99 orphans team to help orphans around the world. 
We had a great time last year and we look forward to seeing you again.
- 99 Orphans Team


With your $10 entrance fee purchase, you will get 15 tickets. You can use your tickets to buy scrumptious food items, get your henna done, or play games.On the day of the event, $10 will give you 10 tickets, so get the early bird special.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Reminder: 99 Orphans Donation Drive @ Greek Cuisine

As you probably already know, The 99 Orphan Team is running a donation drive on the 16th for foster children and orphans.

There are Two Ways you can help,
  1. Eat at Greek Cuisine and a portion of the proceeds will go to 99 Orphans.
  2. Bring some of the items listed on the poster below to donate to foster families and orphans.  
We look forward to seeing you next Friday!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Monday, February 5, 2018

Make Your Own Comfort Squishy at the Spring Fest!

Assalamualaikum! At the spring fest on March 4th my friends and I will show people how to make your own comfort squishy! Squishies are comforting and fun things to collect. The cost will be 5 dollars per squishy. You will have two choices, a panda or a donut.  At the spring fest, not only will it be fun, but it makes me feel really happy because I am helping orphans!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Come to Greek Cuisine on Friday, February 16!

Support us by coming to Greek Cuisine on February 16 to buy a meal as part of the proceeds will be going to orphans! Please drop off any of the following on this date if you are interested in helping the foster children of Wake County:

  • Bibs
  • Onesies
  • Blankets
  • Pajamas
  • Undergarments
  • Socks
The 99 Orphan Team is looking forward to seeing you next Friday!!