Friday, June 22, 2018

Pre Eid Fest (For: May)

 Hello, this is Haleema Sadiya,
  I would like to say the Pre Eid Fest was a great success. We raised a lot of money for orphans, and have past our goal of 99 orphans!!! We will continue on our journey to make the world a better place.
I think its safe to say that this was the most successful fundraiser of the year!!! I think we should continue our work on helping orphans, imagine all those happy smiles when  they realize there finding a home at last, or when they realize people actually care about them and there not a waste of space. So lets keep on working and make people know we care about them!!!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Speech at Chapel Hill Masjid


Yesterday, Team Process went on a quest to show off their money making abilities.  They visited Chapel Hill Masjid where they enjoyed iftar as well as taraweeh led by a blind imam.  It couldn't have been done without the help of the beautifully written speech by one of Team Process' members.
Here is the speech:

My name is ___, and I represent the 99 Orphans project.  Our goal is to raise enough funds to sponsor 99 Orphans each year by providing food, shelter, and education.  It costs only $600 to sponsor an orphan each year.  The prophet SA said, "Me and the person who helps look after and provides for an orphan will be like this on the day of judgement." and he held his index and middle finger together like this. (show fingers).  We right now are in the last ten nights of the holy month of Ramadan.  Every good action of ours i multiplied by great amounts during this month.  The Quran mentions two kinds of people, those who help the Orphans and those who neglect them.  In surah, Ad Duha, ayah 6 Allah says, "Did He not find thee an orphan and give thee shelter and care" referring to the Prophet SA who was an orphan himself growing up.  Allah follows this ayah by saying, "Therefore, treat not the Orphans with harshness.".  Tonight, the night of the 27th may be Laila tul Qadr.  The greatest night for us Muslims to witness and a night in which all of our deeds are multiplied by a 1000 months.  To sponsor one orphan is less than 2 dollars a day.  I don't think that there's anyone here that is incapable of helping the life of an oppressed child across the globe by donating less than 2 dollars a day.  And if tonight is in fact Laila tul Qadr, it would be as if you had donated to help and Orphan for a 1000 months.  As if you had sponsored an orphan everyday of your life for 83 years.  An opportunity like this may never come again in our lifetimes.  Don't shy away from a good deed of such value in a time where it matters most.  I'll leave you all with this; the prophet SA said, "Allah will help a person as long as he or she is helping others.".  So help those in need and in return Allah will help and bless you as well.

June 13th Eid Festival!


This is Asiya, a member of the 99 orphans project. I'm here to tell you about a fun event coming up on Wednesday, June 13th.
As we all know, Eid is coming very soon. Just a few more days! Please join us this Wednesday for takeout food, games, and lots of cool Eid related products being sold by different teams. As usual, money raised will go to the orphans.
Please note that the Ramadan 2018 challenge results can still be changed. Keep raising money and sponsoring orphans to have your team in the lead! The due date for results is Wednesday June 13th.

Bring everyone! Family, friends, teachers, and so on. Remember that non-Muslims are more than welcome to come, so they can experience this amazing event!
Also, my team (The ZF Falcons) will be holding our 3rd business fair that day. There will be products such as: yarn balls (home decor), slime, squishies, hijab pins, survival bracelets, etc. Please make sure to buy our stuff! Money goes to orphans!

Hope to see you at the Eid festival,

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Team OVO


We have started a friendly competition to raise money during Ramadan for 99 orphans, with each age group as
a team. My group, Team OVO has raised money by collecting from friends at iftars and selling Ramadan
merchandise at masjids during taraweeh. We are also selling Ramadan and Eid wristbands, banners, balloons,
and other cool items. If you are interested or would like to know more, please email
I would like to thank everyone who has donated to our group or bought our items so far. May Allah bless them
with lots of barakah. I wish all the other teams luck in their fundraising, and hope that we can brighten up a lot
of lives this Ramadan.


Zakat Foundation will be hosting a Pre-Eid Fest on June 13 from 4:30 to 7:30 PM. Don’t miss this wonderful
opportunity to get some last-minute Eid shopping done while also helping orphans.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Bake Sale!

              If you don't know already, my group, Zen, will be hosting a bake sale for orphans. It will take place on June 7th-9th in various mosques around taraweeh time. On June 7th, it'll be at the Raleigh Mosque, on June 8th, it will be at the Cary Mosque, and on June 9th, it'll be at the Apex Mosque. What better way to celebrate Ramadan than with a sweet treat? There will be brownies, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Not only can you succumb to your sweet tooth, but you're also helping raise money for orphans around the globe. We, along with the rest of the 99 Orphans team, are raising money for ninety nine orphans to support them and their needs. By purchasing a cookie or two, you're helping the cause. Don't hesitate to come on over and get some baked goods on any, or all, of the days we're hosting our bake sale!

            ~ Afzaa Rahman