Thursday, June 25, 2015

99 Orphan Fundraiser Iftar Tonight!


The 99 orphan team members look forward to seeing you today at the ZF Center (1501 Casho Mill Rd. Newark, DE 19711) for iftar.  We will be serving a delicious meal to you and your family, insha allah.
 We hope that you will be able to sponsor an orphan to gain the blessings of Ramadan and make orphans feel cared for this year.

- 99 Orphan Team

Friday, June 19, 2015

Visiting Elkton Masjid

Today, Aarif, Aamir, Furkan, and I visited the Elkton Masjid to tell them about our project. After Jummah prayer, we gave them a brief description of our project, letting them know about our goal to raise enough money to sponsor 99 orphans around the world and how they can help. Everyone was welcoming and they showed interest in our project. This month being Ramadan, we are hoping that they will contribute to our project and continue to show their support in the future.

- Bilal