Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sisters Joining Together for Orphans this Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak from the 99 Orphan team!  We hope that you are all taking advantage of the blessings of Ramadan and especially of the last ten nights.

We would like to share an inspiring story of a group of sisters from Long Island, NY who have been dedicated to helping out orphans this Ramadan.  The sisters group at the Long Island Muslim Society (LIMS) has spent many hours collecting funds for orphans.  During every taraweeh prayer over the past few weeks, they have tirelessly encouraged others to take advantage of the blessings of Ramadan by helping orphans around the world.  Many of the sisters who had already been sponsoring orphans annually increased their donations for this year.

They have done a tremendous job uniting together to accomplish a common goal.  May Allah reward all of them for their efforts and generosity.

For others who are also interested in helping orphans this Ramadan, it's not too late!  The last ten blessed nights have just begun and we hope that you will be encouraged to feed, clothe and educate parentless children this Ramadan.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yemen Bake Sale

Assalamualaikum everyone, it's been a while since the last post, but I'm happy to report that we just recently had our first bake sale of the year on May 26.  We were able to raise $2160 thanks to the help from many of our members, who either served or cooked for the Yemen bake sale, and the people who came out to the bake sale, and I want to thank both groups! Inshallah we are going to move ahead in the year and continue our fundraisers. Along with many of the things we have done in the past, such as our tea parties, video game parties, talks with businesses, etc. we are always looking for any other ideas which we could do in order to raise money. We are looking forwards to a great rest of year with your help, thank you.

- Mirac Kekik

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A New Year

It feels like it was only a few days ago when the 99 orphan team was in the midst of planning numerous bake sales, our Cupcake Wars competition, a mother-daughter tea party, video game parties and countless other events to raise money for our orphans.  And now, it's a brand-new year, open to delightful new fundraising schemes and hopes.

After three consecutive years of working hard to sponsor 99 orphans around the world, we are yet again embarking on a journey to feed, clothe, and educate parentless children.  As we can assure you, fondly remembering the pleasure we gained from helping children in need, this journey is extremely rewarding.  We sincerely hope that you will join us this year as we set out to reach our goal of helping 99 orphans in 2016.

~ Nur Kose