Thursday, June 15, 2017

Zakat Foundation Annual Iftar for Orphans


My name is Zaina Taha. Yesterday on June 14th, 2017, the Zakat Foundation held an iftar at the Apex mosque for the Orphans. We had activities like henna, calligraphy, Eid cards, and much more. Each table had a donation box and people could donate if they liked. The money was not going to the people who were hosting the activities, but instead going to orphans. After the activities were over, we had iftar. I was thinking, while we were eating, that the food tasted so good, but other people in poverty stricken areas could not taste the same yummy food we had. That is why we should donate,so they too can have shelter, education, good food, and much more. May Allah swt reward those who donate IMMENSELY!!!!!!☺

JazakhAllah Khair.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

 Hello, my name is Zahi Shaikh. I, right now, am not hungry (even though I’m fasting), not depressed, or hurt. The 99 orphans team is trying to raise money for 99 orphans. We already have raised money for good number of orphans as of 6/11/17. On the 14th of June we will have a fundraising for these unprivileged children. This event will be held at Apex mosque. We are also making cards too! Remember to donate for the orphans. Share all this information with all your friends. Remember donating just a penny will make a difference. Thank you for reading this.