What is this?  Why am I here?

This is the website for the Zakat Foundation Youth's 99 Orphans Project. You may have been linked here by your friends or other good Samaritans in society.

Seems legitimate. What is the Zakat Foundation you represent?

The Zakat Foundation of America is a worldwide charity organization to help the world! You can find out more about this awesome organization at www.zakat.org.

Ok, so what is the 99 Orphans Project?

The 99 Orphans Project is completely a youth project, organized and managed by youth.  Kids in elementary school, middle school, and high school have joined together to make a different in other kids' lives.  Our goal is simple: to fund the lives of 99 orphans in poverty-stricken areas where children without parents live without access to necessities like housing or food. We aim to improve the lives of orphans who live without the many advantages of children with parents.

Orphans, which orphans?

Specifically we will improve the lives of 99 orphans in various countries throughout the world.  The cost to sponsor each of these orphans for one year is $600.  Sponsoring an orphan helps provide for their food, clothing, and education.

Awesome! How can I help?

It's simple.  Just use the contact page in the tab bar above. Then select your method of donation and help the cause!

How much money are you trying to raise? Will donations cover it all?

We are trying to raise a little under $60,000 dollars in a year, so we don't know if donations will cover it all. But we have trust in people's generosity so a great deal will come from donations. But the project is hosting bake sales and large events to raise even more money for the cause!

Ok, is there anything else I can do?

Yeah! Our writers update the blog regularly and there is a page to keep track of how many orphans we have saved. Not only that, but we also will release promotional and rather entertaining videos. Don't forget to follow by email, join our Facebook page and +1!

Awesome! What should I do if I have any other questions?

Easy, just shoot your questions or comments over to the people at the "Contact Us" page for more information!

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